Our culture

"We are intellectually curious, eager to make a big impact and interested in health, science and technology."

We believe that team building and friendly inspiration outside the office is important for our long-term growth. Hence, we aim to facilitate discussions amongst our employees. In other words, our flat structure ensures that your voice will be heard regardless of your position.

We are always looking for top talent from around the world. We currently house 19 different nationalities in our Oslo office and are always happy to take on more. Working in Norway comes with many perks: free healthcare and education, fresh air and nearby nature, plus we are rated one of the best countries to live! 

We are multi-cultural, intellectually curious and creative thinkers, eager to grow and make a big impact, excellent communicators and collaborators, and interested in health, science and technology.

Our open office is designed for collaboration and creativity. We also have a lab, quiet spaces, and fun distractions for when you need a break. Along with big goals and a challenging work environment, we promote this lifestyle with lots of fun activities, free lunches eaten together and regular company retreats. From our Oslo office you are in walking distance to beaches, ski hills, and cool restaurants and bars that we often take advantage of! 

Perks & benefits

We hope you're excited by all the possibilities that come with working at Airthings! In addition to our unique culture, we also offer these fun perks and benefits:

Tasty lunches

Our cantina was rated best lunch in Oslo in 2017!

Flexible work hours

Work-life balance is important, so we aim to be flexible.

KPI bonuses

We recognize strong performance and reward with annual bonuses. 

Stock options

Airthings employees have the opportunity to invest in the company. 

Company retreats

Hiking mountains, skiing down slopes, it's all part of our Norwegian spirit.

Social events 

We work hard and play hard with regular social activities.

Who we are?

Established in 2008, Airthings is a Norway-based IoT company led by a team of experienced scientists, engineers and technology professionals, with a common goal: to educate on the prevalence of radon, as well as other indoor air contaminants, and develop accessible technology solutions to help people stay healthy.

Every idea starts with a problem: radon testing for homeowners hasn’t improved in almost 30 years.

Several scientists working together at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) saw gap in the radon market—

or more like a deadlock. Traditionally, consumers only had two options: call a professional to test their radon levels, or purchase a single-use charcoal test which was then sent to a lab for the results.

We started Airthings to break free from these traditions and put consumers, as well as business owners, back in control of their indoor air quality.

At our headquarters, we develop everything from hardware and firmware to mobile apps, cloud services and a dashboard where we visualize user data.

Meet our employees

Name and title: David, Tech lead cloud
Years of experience: 6 years
Education: MSc Electrical Engineering

What does your normal working day look like?
I start my day with a coffee and pick up a task from the day before or in Jira.
We have a nice balance of improvements and new development tasks that we are working on.
Some days we have a standup a couple of minutes before lunch, to check the status and alignment of the team.
Around 11 the team goes for lunch in the cafeteria here, where a variety of great food is available.
The day typically continues in a mix of development and discussions with the team and other coworkers, to bring the work forward, until EOW.

What do you like about working at Airthings?
I like the control we have as developers on both the infrastructure and code—it makes it easier to move fast. The fact that we are all eager to streamline and improve our setup as we keep finding new ways of doing things also helps us keep up with new technology.

The culture of teamwork also extends across teams: hw, firmware, software, marketing all work together nicely.

How has working at Airthings helped to develop your skills as a developer?
Working at Airthings has taught me more about working in small teams and the responsibility that comes with in terms of maintaining both the code and infrastructure repos. I like the fact that if we need to add a new service to the stack all I need to do is update the terraform code and add the Kotlin code to the repo, have it reviewed and deploy it to our environments. It is not that many steps to complete.

Which technologies, frameworks or languages do you find most interesting at the moment?
Currently, we are mostly using Kotlin, React and Terraform, and some AWS SDKs. We are quite good at staying up to date with the new versions of the frameworks we are using. But there is nothing preventing us from trying something new.

What challenges do you face in your position? How do you overcome these challenges?
One challenge I face is prioritizing what to build first, we want to be aligned with the firmware and hardware teams for product launches and test rounds, so it is important that the services they are going to consume are built in time.

Other challenges the team can face are deciding on how to implement things, what to use for a feature and how to keep the code as trivial as possible and at the same time effective etc. Discussions are usually about what guides us in the right direction when it comes to this.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
In my free time, I enjoy keeping myself occupied traveling to wherever the sun is warm, or the snow is good for skiing. I also enjoy all the perks that come with living in Oslo, it being close to nature and hiking trails as well as all its nice pubs and cafes.

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